Walkout FC returns to Joplin, Missouri on Saturday, May 5th for our 10th installment of Mixed Martial Arts action. The Joplin Memorial Hall will host an action packed night of submissions, knockouts, and high paced fights. This action packed event will feature a Welterweight One Night Tournament featuring several very experienced amateur fighters from throughout the Midwest.

Check out all our confirmed fights below!  More Announcements Coming Soon!

Walkout FC Welterweight One Night Tournament
-Richard Moad (30-25)
-Cory Heinz (10-9)
-Zach Jones (6-1)

Walkout FC Lightweight Title
Kyle Guenther 7-5 vs (C) Brandon Santana 8-6

135- Jacob Hutchison 4-1 vs Colton Hamm 5-3

125- Tyrone Trought 2-3 vs Hector Friely 3-3

155- Theran Crouch 1-0 vs TBA

170- Jade Bartlett 0-2 vs William Nenneman 0-0

135- Tommy Hernandez 2-3 vs Magic Carter 1-3

150- Randy Berry Jr 0-0 vs Sergio Garcia 1-0

HW- Matthew Strait 1-0 vs Chris Gregory 1-1